Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for June!

Can you believe that we are half-way through 2023!!! Welcome all to the second half of the year 😊

Another AMAZING month here at Kick N’ Box. We have had a very busy month behind the scenes. This includes the roll out of our NEW Memberships: ELITE, PREMIUM and FIFO.

We still have our Regular and Off-Peak Memberships running but wanted to add more for our members. Our 8 week Challenge had some amazing results. This is what made us want to create our ELITE option for members who want more from their gym training.

We are so excited to offer our first ever FIFO Membership. We have a few members at our gym who have been looking for an option like this and we are so excited to be the first gym to offer this.

Now, the month was a strong one for training. We completed our Phase 3 and entered Phase 4 last week in our Cross Core Classes. We have been LOVING seeing our members confident in the heavy lifts the past two weeks! The feedback we have been receiving is awesome to hear that you are all feeling stronger than ever!

Our MYZONE results for the month are below:

  1. Sam C – 2,798
  2. George G – 3,074
  3. Charlotte M – 3,457
  4. Maddie D – 3,470
  5. Jessie M – 4,194
  6. Carmel N – 5,289
  7. Tabitha H – 5,617
  8. Vince DV – 5,639
  9. Greta – 6,588
  10. Mai – 6,695

Amazing work to all above!

Just a reminder to all members, we have the ELITE access available to all during the month of July. This allows you to come and train yourself in our gym Access timeslots as well as 10 days booking on the app, giving you the opportunity to plan your weeks earlier. You also have the chance to book in for a 1:1 with Simon during the month. When you come in feel free to use the weights and Kick Boxing bags.

If you have questions about any of the extras over the month of July, please just send an email and I can help out.

We also have some changes to the roster as Bec’s last day is this Saturday 8th of July. From the week beginning 10th of July, you will see more of Leo on our roster. He will be taking over Monday nights Kick Boxing, 5pm and 5:45pm as well as Friday mornings 5:45am and 6:30am. He will also be continuing with his usual Tuesday mornings.

You will see Jessie on Tuesday nights 5pm, 5:45pm Kick Boxing as well as 6:30pm Introductory Class. We have Georgia getting as a permeant class on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm and 6:15pm for Cross Core Full Body.

We are looking forward to a big start to the last half of this year.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a charity event in the near future as well!!

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