Training through Winter – Yes/ No?

The cold mornings, dark nights, we get it, it makes it hard to stay motivated to come to the gym. We asked our trainers what they do to stay motivated. These may have you rolling your eyes and thinking, ‘easier said than done’ but if you put these methods into action, you might actually be surprised.

Simon’s Tip: Set yourself a goal to train towards through winter. This may be looking your best by the pool in summer or a fitness goal that you want to achieve. Know that each day counts through the cooler months. Better yet, tell someone your goal to keep accountable.

Jessie’s Tip: Organisation! The night before when you set your alarm – put your workout clothes out for the morning class. This gives you one less thing to worry about. If your take pre-workout or a coffee shot before you leave your house, get that organised the night before as well. Having more ready to go, means you don’t need to debate or waste time!

Simo’s Tip: I find motivation through this quote. ‘If you want something, you will find a way! If you don’t want something you will find an excuse……. No excuses.’ Now imagine me yelling “No Excuses” each time you go to snooze your alarm in the mornings or drive straight home after work.

Julia’s Tip: If you have found yourself struggling, look at each day as your opportunity to start fresh. Today is your start to eating right, to train hard, to live healthy, to be proud. Today is the day to be stronger than your strongest excuse. Remember why you started this!

If you need more motivation to train throughout winter here is some health benefits:

– Your body burns through more fat and energy stores at a faster rate during a winter/cooler workout. Especially during cardio, you are raising your body temp up and challenge the system. 

– Your immune system gets tested by the cold, therefor improving and strengthening each session.

We hope at least one of these tips helps to keep you motivated for the remainder of these cooler months.

In conclusion Training in Winter is a huge YES from us here at Kick N’ Box.

Simo is yelling at you every time you make an excuse or snooze your alarm! Just remember, in our group classes, we have 20 others there with you helping you stay motivated. 

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