Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for April!

Hello and welcome back to another Kick N’ Box Newsletter. April was a massive month here at the gym, with plenty of new and exciting things coming at Kick N’ Box.

The cooler weather has hit but that has not stopped all of you from coming in and getting your training done. We love to see the members braving the early mornings and the dark nights. We notice the discipline from you all during this time.

We have our members who pushed all month to make it into the top 10. Well done to the following 10 and it’s good to see a few more names in the top 10 this month:

10. Dom P – 2,769

9. Sam C – 2,966

8. Gorge G – 3,073

7. Ebony J – 3,746

6. Isabella B – 3,839

5. Carmel N – 3,873

4. Vince DV – 4,399

3. Jessie M – 4,474

2. Mai T – 7,017

1. Greta – 7,398!!

April was a real get stuff done month at Kick N’ Box. Behind the scenes we were getting feedback from our members at the gym and hearing what you want. This confirmed what we were already planning and trialing; our new Cross Core Class Strength based Programming.

Before we executed anything, we wanted to make sure that we had the right vision for our gym and it was so good to hear that our members wanted the same thing.

Our new Cross Core class Programming sees a 10-week Block of work. We have also added in split training to our weekly schedule. This means that we have dedicated Upper body and Lower body classes as well as Full body classes.

We have designed the 10 weeks to help you build your strength and achieve results by training in a more specific manner. Our weeks are broken into a 4 Phases:

Phase 1: (2 weeks)

  • General Prep

Phase 2: (3 weeks)

  • Basic Strength

Phase 3: (3 weeks)

  • Strength 2.0

Phase 4: (2 weeks)

  • Peaking

These phases have specific reps, sets and rest planned out, so during each phase, you will be receiving the same training method from all trainers.

As always with anything we do at the gym, we would love to hear your feedback. So far it has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a great sign.

We look forward to seeing you all smash out the first Two Phases this month and continue to watch the program play out.

See you in the gym!