Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for December!

Welcome to another Kick N’ Box newsletter. I CANNOT believe that we are already in December. This year has flown by. That can only mean one thing, we had a FUN year. Time fly’s when you’re having fun they say! Or maybe all the cardio made it fly past. And I think when you are beating the bag in a Kick Boxing class, time does fly.

We have had a huge year at Kick N’ Box and an even bigger 2023 in the works.

First week of December we will see our new Summer Timetable in action. We ran some polls on our Instagram to get feedback on what you, our members, wanted to see in terms of classes. The overwhelming response was more Cross Core Strong classes and more mixed classes on offer. We have delivered on both. Alex is now running 3 extra Cross Core Strong classes. These now fall on Monday and Wednesday nights, along with our current CC-S sessions throughout the week. With the request for mixed classes for that more if a HIIT style, we are now including them Tuesday nights at 5pm & 6pm with Bec AND Thursday mornings, 5:45am & 6:30am with Jessie. Mixed classes have a perfect mix of kick boxing as well as cross core.

As always, please try the classes and let us know your feedback. Member feedback is what we rely on to make the gym the best for all of you, The beauty of being a privately owned gym is that we have control of what we offer.

Christmas Party is this Saturday the 3rd of December!! We are so excited to celebrate another amazing year with our members. We have had our fair share of challengers this year with COVID and a shutdown, but we are so thankful to have such amazing, supportive and committed members. That’s worth celebrating.

Before we celebrate this weekend, we need to celebrate our MEP stars for the month of November:

10. Isabella B – 3,638

9. Dom P – 4,004

8. Jessie L – 4,470

7. Carmel N – 5,432

6. Tabitha H – 5,444

5. Vince DV – 5,539

4. Erik VZ – 6,057

3. Greta G – 6,929

2. Mai T – 7,222

1. Troy H – 7,822!!

Love seeing a few new names in the top 10. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing who tops it for the month of December.

Our Christmas training hours will be releasing early this month so you can plan some sessions in over the end of year break.

For all important updates going forward, we have now saved a new highlight tile on our Instagram page, @kick_n_box, called ‘UPDATES’. Each month this will be updated with all important information for our members to know. We will also be posting any important info on our Facebook as well.

Also, we have done some updates on our website with new photos and a backing video. Next time you are on your computer, have a look to see if you have made a feature.

We are almost there, the end of 2022. Let’s finish the last month STRONG. The vibe in the gym throughout Christmas time is always such a fun energy to be around, so let’s push to end this year on high. See you all this weekend!!

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