Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for February!

Welcome back to anther Kick N’ Box Journal and I can’t believe that we are already at February.

February is a BIG month for us here at KnB. We start with kicking off our 8 Week Challenge Monday the 6th. We are so excited with the group we have. Simons one on one sessions with participants have been really inspiring and its awesome to hear the deep reasons for your why with this challenge.

This month you will continue to see changes around the gym. Keep an eye out for new logos, new uniforms and continue changes to our workouts. A little sneak peak of our new look below.

We have our top MYZONE members for the month of January. As usual, massive well done to the committed group that we continue to see hit the top 10!

10. Dim P – 3,403

9. Georgia D – 3,783

8. Erik VZ – 4,600

7. Jessie M – 4,871

6. Vince DV – 5,387

5. Troy H – 5,414

4. Tabitha H – 5,549

3. Carmel – 5,967

2. Greta – 6,831

1. Mai T – 6,915!

New year brings new people into the gym and our classes. We are excited we have plenty to welcome. If you have started in January with us at Kick N’ Box we want to say another BIG welcome to you. We love the commitment that you have all had over the month and are so grateful to be a part of your fitness journey and we look forward to seeing you in the kick boxing group classes.

When you sign up to a regular membership with us, please keep an eye out for our welcome email. This has our exclusive discount code with LSKD that gives you 15% off as well as any other offers we have on for new starters.

February is going to be a busy month at the gym, we are excited and hope that you are all gearing up for another solid month of training.

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