Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for March!

Hello team and welcome to another Kick N’ Box Newsletter. March has flown by, and we are approaching the cooler weather as well as darker nights.

We are going to kick off our March recap with the Top MEP winners. We see some HUGE numbers below and want to say a MASSIVE well done to each of you. The same names keep consistently appearing and we love to see such commitment in the gym and to your training.

10. Dom P – 3,700

9. Benita S – 4,093

8. Ebony J – 4,233

7. Jessie L – 5,185

6. Vince DV – 5,276

5. Carmel – 5,727

4. Tabitha – 6,113

3. Greta – 7,338

2. Main T – 7,649

1. Troy H – 7,845!!

With our 8 Week Challenge running through the month of March, the gym was buzzing with 40 heavily committed members, pushing themselves in each class, as well as a Sunday class extra each week. We are super proud of all of you. The commitment and discipline to your training and workouts that we saw from you all was amazing. We hope that the challenge has given you a sense of accomplishment and is motivating you to continue on this lifestyle change.

Winners will be announced within the coming week. We are looking forward to seeing all the amazing results.

March also saw the launch of our new logos. We have them printed on our new style ‘Trainer’ shirts as well as our Website and App. Stay tuned as we are looking at adding this logo in further ways throughout the gym.

Thank you to the members who completed our confidential Feedback Form for us this month. We are always wanting to make Kick N’ Box better each day, week, month and year and we cannot do that without your help. We are aware we may never please everyone, but if we can change things that majority of our members would love to see, that’s our opportunity. All we ask is that you keep the feedback coming. We love to challenge ourselves and want to continue to push to be the best we can be. What we are offering in Kick Boxing classes currently is amazing and we look forward to extending your knowledge through offering more in the gym.

First week of April sees Easter Weekend, so from all of us here at Kick N’ Box, we wish you a joyous weekend with family and friends. For our class times over this period, please check our ‘Updates’ highlight on Instagram.

Let’s continue the hard work throughout April and finish this month even stronger, fitter and healthier.