Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for May!

Another month has flown by. We had such an amazing May at Kick N’ Box and are excited to hit halfway through this year with you all.

During May, we kicked off our Cross Core Programming and have loved the feedback. We are coming to the end of our Phase 2, with us hitting some lower reps next week as we enter into our Phase 3 training. As usual, any feedback is loved at Kick N’ Box, so please keep that coming through to us on these class styles.

Let’s have a look at our MYZONE leader board for the month of May:

10. Van S – 3,397

9. Maddy O – 3,519

8. Maddie D – 3,547

7. Gorgia D – 3,749

6. Vince D – 4,124

5. Carmel N – 4,843

4. Jessie M – 4,908

3. Tabitha H – 5,649

2. Greta – 7,421

1. Mai – 8,103!!

Well done to everyone on the list! Some amazing results throughout May.

This month we also updated the back banner in the gym to represent our new logo and we have some more logo items coming soon to Kick N’ Box. We put up a little teaser on Instagram of what is to come. We have also made our own Kick N’ Box gym towels available. These are at reception and are $20.

As some of you may know Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is very close to Simon’s heart and we have got some of the beanies to be purchased. They are $25 each with all money going to the cause.

We have some very exciting news that we will be releasing this month. This is brand new for us here at Kick N’ Box, but we are so excited to be bringing our members a new offer. We believe we have created something for every member which is always our goal with everything we do. Think more than just group fitness classes.

We hope you have all been enjoying our extras that we have been putting on at the gym the past few months. We had Sundays with Simon called, Workout and Wellness. During these Sundays, you got a workout, but he also added in some meditation and a Personal Development work. During this segment he gets the group working through limiting beliefs and focusing on their purpose. These sessions go for 3hrs with an ice-bath to finish. Consistently coming to these sessions will see you challenge yourself in ways you may not have yet. It has been powerful to see so many of you open up to a new experience. We will continue to run these using Simon’s passion and skills that he has been growing over the past 5 year.

You may have seen we have our second Advanced Kick Boxing class this Friday night at 5pm with Simone’ and Tak. Our aim is to run one a month. These classes have a heavy focus on footwork as well as light sparing. We do say if you book to please bring any protective gear you have. This includes gloves, mouthguards, shin pads and anything else you feel you may need. You will still get a cardio workout, but the brain will be working too. 

These training extras will continue throughout the gym for members, and we hope you find value in them.

As we head into July, we will keep you updated with everything you need to know. We are excited for this month. All the exciting news will be released very soon, and we can’t wait!

See you all in the gym.

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