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Motivational Chat:

In life, most tasks we do, have a clear beginning and end. From waking up, making your bed, driving to work, all the way to driving home from work, our days are made up of continuous starts and ends.

Fitness isn’t as simple as starting and finishing an exercise. Sure, we can come in for a class at Kick N’ Box and feel good about completing that task, but really, health and fitness has no clear end point. If your goal is to challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday, your fitness and health goals are never ending.

Of course, we all go through workouts and classes where we struggle to muster the motivation, or we are just simply ticking that box for the day. These days, are the days that count.

Not everything that is good for us in life comes easy, such as a slice of cake or pizza is much more enjoyable than eating chicken and rice (for most of us). Having the willpower and discipline to choose the ‘right’ option is tough. That’s where, the more you push yourself and challenge yourself to make the ‘right’ choice when every bone in our body wants to choose the ‘easy’ option is important. Discipline is a muscle, and this requires consistent use to build it.

Start small. I hope that most of us know or have heard of the speech made by Admiral McRaven back in 2014 for his Commencement Speech at the University of Texas in Austin. His speech was extremely motivating, with one line that stood out.

He said, “If you make your bed every morning, you would have accomplished the first task of your day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another.” This shows that the smallest of discipline in the morning to do a seemly insignificant task, can motivate you throughout the day.

Discipline is booking into a Kick Boxing or Cross Core class at Kick N’ Box, and making sure you show up, regardless of your day or night. Discipline is putting that phone down 30minutes before you go to sleep and sticking to it. Discipline is whatever you know is the right choice for you, that challenges you.

We are all here at the gym to give you a friendly reminder or keep you motivated when you are struggling. Come in, read the quote of the week and push forward.

The link to Admiral McRaven’s speech is below. Each time you feel you need an extra bit of motivation, play this. The 19minutes and 24seconds it takes to listen will only benefit you, and hopefully motivate you to keep training that muscle to make the harder decisions one day the easy ones. Or even help you push that bit further in your workouts with this in mind. 

The Most Inspiring Speech by Adm. McRaven | Make Your Bed – Bing video

Stay strong, and keep making future you proud.

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