Welcome to the Kick N’ Box Journal for September!

We are already in September! Where has the last half of this year gone? Big welcome back to the monthly journal.

I want to start with a quick recap on the month that was August. We flew through it, but not without time for a party. As a team we want to say another massive thank you to everyone who came and helped us raise money for The Push for Better Foundation. Mental health is proving to stay a huge issue in society and by us doing The Push Up Challenge and our I-Pod Shuffle Charity Event we really hope it encouraged people to reflect and potentially feel comfortable to open up a conversation with someone. We had an amazing day at the start of the month, it’s always so nice to get everyone together for things other than a class. We hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did!

Now to celebrate our MEP stars for the month of August:

10. Carrie W – 3,393

9. Jeffery H – 4,008

8. Vince DV – 4,903

7. Dom P– 4,903

6. Jessie Lee – 5,158

5. Troy H – 5,356

4. Carmel N – 5,387

3. Tabitha H – 6,289

2. Greta – 6,305

1. Mai T – 7,335!!

We do love looking back each month and seeing the list of names on the board, gives us all here so much motivation as we are sure it does you!

We have our second round of Free Fitness Test coming this Sunday the 4th at the gym for all members. Class bookings are live on the app so jump on and don’t miss out. We will be re-testing in three months, giving you time to challenge yourselves and achieve some goals! The tests will involve strength and cardio testing.

We are in our first week of our new Cross Core Fit and Cross Core Strong classes. Our hope is that this is helping you plan out your weeks a bit easier and change up the classes that you may normally go to based on your fitness goals. If you have any feedback, please let Jessie or Simon know. Every change we make we try to make for the benefits of our members but still appreciate feedback on how you are all finding it.

Another class update: we are welcoming back three Cross Core Strong classes on Tuesday nights with Alex. These classes were constantly booked out so the demand was there, and we want you to all get in. You can now book in at 5:00pm, 5:45pm and 6:30pm as of the 6th September.

Reminder: Our kids’ kick boxing classes are run at 4:15pm – 5pm, Wednesday nights only. If you require any more information on this please email us.

The silly season is coming fast and we are in the planning of our Christmas Party so please keep an eye out for information coming this month. We will be having it at The Maid again with tickets available to be purchased from reception.

We are looking forward to hopefully the warmer weather September will bring us.

See you all in the gym this month, smashing your goals!

Crosscore Fit
Crosscore Strong