Why Is Kick Boxing So Beneficial?

Kick Boxing is our bread and butter here at Kick N’ Box. We have been advocates for this form of exercise for decades. The benefits of Cardio Kick boxing classes are huge so we are here to drill it down for you and give you the 4 main reasons why you need to add this to your fitness regime each week.

  1. Probably the most obvious……. Your cardio vascular fitness will improve dramatically! This is a high energy workout that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, forcing blood to pump around your body at a faster rate. Doing this on a regular basis has great overall health benefits.
  2. More bang of your buck (calorie bucks). Our kick boxing classes at Kick N’ Box are basically an interval-based workout. Our classes stimulate the ‘rounds’ in boxing with plenty of short intense bursts, which helps you burn through far more calories than a regular steady-state workout. On average our members burn anywhere from 400-600 calories for a 45minute class.
  3. Kick Boxing is a full body workout. For example, when you perform a round house kick you are using far more than just your kicking leg. You have all the muscles switched on in your grounded leg, giving you stability, as well as your core helping you twist and stay balanced. If you are preforming your kicking and punching correctly you will notice almost all of your muscles are switched on the whole time. Our trainers are here to help you with form.
  4. The final benefits are not physically obvious, but more mental health related. You will notice improvement in your coordination, as boxing movements and the combinations we give you can be quite complex. A big one being memory improvement. When you are on the bag and our trainers are yelling out the next combo you are digging into your memory bank for the right punches. Another massive one that our trainers and members can feel straight away is stress relief. We are told by members when they come in with life’s stresses weighing on them, having the ability to punch it out really helps to let go of these.

The benefits of Kick Boxing are ongoing, but these are the few that we love the most. We hope that you give Kick Boxing a go at our gym after reading these as it is such an empowering form of exercise.

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